Animal Control

Washington Terrace City Animal Control

The purpose of the Washington Terrace City Animal Services division is to provide a safe, clean and comfortable environment for stray or abandoned animals until either their family can be located or a new adoptive family is found.  To provide education regarding humane and responsible pet ownership including but not limited to pet sterilization, humane pet care and responsible pet ownership. Enforcement of local and state ordinances and partnerships with local animal welfare groups such as veterinarians, rescue groups, adoptions partners (Petsmart / Petco) for adoption promotions and sterilization programs. Coordinate volunteers for special events, adoptions, humane education and shelter work. 

Washington Terrace City Animal Services is dedicated to providing safe care of animals in our custody. We pride ourselves in offering quality service to our citizens and their companion pets. If you have animal related questions or concerns and would like to speak to the Animal Control Officer Kim Busby, please call 801-622-2949 to reach our animal shelter. Our shelter is not staffed full time so please leave a message. She will contact you back as soon as possible. If there is a more urgent need such as a vicious dog, injured animal, etc. please contact Weber Dispatch at 801-629-8221 for a more immediate response.

The Animal shelter is located at 5594 S 600 E. It is in the same complex as South Ogden Public Works Dept., which is located just past the Ogden Regional Medical Center but not all the way to the toll road, on the east side of the street.



Animal Services is very pro-active with our adoption program. If you are looking for a loving companion to give a FOREVER home to, please call our animal shelter at 801-622-2949 and leave a message. In your message leave a description of what type of animal you are looking for and we will notify you when we get a companion matching your description. We also do weekend adoptions for dogs and cats most Friday nights between 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm at the PETSMART in Riverdale located at 1145 W Riverdale Rd.  


Animal Control Complaints / Questions 

Neighbors dog barking? Witness an animal being neglected? Dog running loose in your neighborhood? Give us a call at our shelter at 801-622-2949.  We are not at the shelter full time so if you need to speak to an officer immediately for a vicious dog, injured animal or roaming animal or if you just feel it is an emergency, please contact Weber Dispatch at 801-629-8221 for a more immediate response.


Animal Licensing 

All dogs that are living in the City need to be licensed. It is a yearly license. Licenses are purchased from the Washington Terrace City court house located at 5249 S 500 E WTC, 84405.

When you come in to purchase a Washington Terrace Dog License, please bring the current rabies vaccination certificate and proof of sterilization (spay or neuter certificate) to the WTC Courthouse . Those animals that have been sterilized receive a discount on their licenses. We also offer a senior discount. Without your current rabies vaccination proof your dog will not and cannot be licensed.

 Click here for more animal licensing information.


Stray / Found / Lost Pets 

If you have found a  stray animal, it belongs to someone else. Please do the right thing and notify Animal Control immediately at our shelter 801-622-2949 or through Weber Dispatch 801-629-8221. If your pet were lost one of the first things you would do would be to notify your local Animal Control. We reunite hundreds of animals with their families thanks to kind citizens who notify us so we can help the owners find their pet. You can leave a message and details of what you found including breed, color, sex and any identification that the animal is wearing. Please make sure you include your name and phone number also. The Animal Control Officer will contact you as soon as possible to make accommodations for the animal.

Lost pets in South Ogden: Please call the shelter at 801-622-2949 and leave a message of what you are missing. Begin with your name and phone number, then where the pet was lost and leave a description of the animal including breed, color, sex and any identification that the animal is wearing. Also check with local shelters including, DAVIS County 801-444-2200 or Weber County 801-399-8244. Also check with and other online resources for lost / found pets.

A license not only provides the public with proof of ownership and vaccination, it also provides your beloved pet a phone call home, if it gets lost. Please take a few minutes and make sure your dog is properly registered, IT IS THE LAW.


Donations / Volunteers 

Donations can be monetary, cat and dog food, cat litter, toys, treats, blankets, towels, laundry soap, dryer sheets, dish soap, cat crates, leashes, collars and quality time....

Yes, we accept VOLUNTEERS!  Your donated time is invaluable to the animals in our custody. Not only do our volunteers help to socialize  the animals, they also help make the animals feel more comfortable in their stay. Our volunteers walk the dogs, play with the cats and help with the duties at the shelter. Some of those duties include laundry, cleaning kennels, doing the dishes and helping out with the adoptions on the weekends. There is something for everyone, so give us a call if you would like to make a donation or volunteer for the Animal Shelter. Leave a message at 801-622-2949 and we will schedule a time to meet. All volunteers must complete a background check.



Common Animal Control Complaints

1. Animal at Large:

6.16.080 Animals at large prohibited.  It shall be unlawful for any animal, as defined herein, to be allowed, either negligently or with specific intent, to run at large, as defined in Chapter 6.04 of this title.

2.  Barking Dogs:

6.16.010 Nuisance Animals:  Barks, whines, howls, or makes other disturbing noises in an excessive, continuous manner.



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