Yard/Green Waste


The City offers Green Waste cans for general yard waste recycling April through Nov. These cans greatly help reduce landfills, and create savings to the City for dumpings. At least 400 residents must subscribe to this program for it to be implemented. Currently green can subscriptions are $8.25 per month a year.


The Washington Terrace City also has spring and fall curbside cleanup/pickup events are for yard wastes only. 


April 19-22, 2010 Spring Clean Up


All other wastes must be disposed through other means.  Waste articles that cannot be put into the curbside trash containers are the individual homeowner’s responsibility. Yard wastes that need to be disposed at other times than the spring and fall cleanup can be taken to the Weber County Composting Station.  Their telephone number is 726-8212 and the address is 2618 W Pioneer Road.  There is a cost of $3.00 per load or $3.00 per trailer axle.  They may even have compost to sell back to you—depending on the time of year. Another option would be to start your own compost.

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