Business Licenses and Directory

Washington Terrace City hosts a wide array of local businesses, from pet grooming to healthcare.  Washington Terrace City requires licensing of all businesses which are based within the city limits. Homes and apartments that are rented to  and occupied by non-owners are also considered a business. The City takes pride in being the first city of our size to participate in the Good Landlord Program. 

Business licenses are valid for one calendar year and must be renewed by December 31st.  Please click "Business Applications and Forms" to choose the correct application for your business. The City offers general business licenses, rental business licenses, and solicitors licenses.

                                                                              ****PLEASE NOTE**** 

Based upon recent State legislation, certain home occupations in the City of Washington Terrace will no longer be required to obtain a business license and are classified as “exempt.”  The City of Washington Terrace will no longer require nor provide you with a business license for your home occupation.  Although you are no longer required to obtain a business license, you still must follow all land use and zoning regulations.

Business License Applications and Forms:

The City has three types of applications: general business, rental property, solicitor. Please print the application that applies to your business and return to the Business License Department with the application fee assigned to your class of business.

Good Landlord Program

The Good Landlord Program was created for landlords who implement effective property management practices that result in safe, clean and attractive places for people to live. Members of the Good Landlord Program will receive discounted business license fees.  Membership in the Program is not mandatory, but is highly beneficial for effective and responsible landlords.


Current Business License Directory

The Business License Directory is updated quarterly and contains the name, contact information, and type of business for current licensed businesses in the City.

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